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Astronauts Aspire To Share Their Experience In Space With All

Going to space is not as easy or romantic as it looks and a panel of astronauts is trying to make it interesting through art and communication. During the Beyond the Cradle 2019 conference which was held on 14th March astronauts and cosmonauts discussed technology and science fiction along with their optimism for future space travel and possibility of life on space. Astronauts from NASA like Leland Melvin, Cady Coleman, Nicole Stott, Tony Antonelli along with Russian cosmonaut Nikolay Chub represent a wide experience levels from veterans to new comers and during the panel discussion they explored old wonders along with untold trials of spaceflight in front of an enthralled audience.

Retired astronaut Antonelli told the panel about a strange act of his when during his first session at the space station he wanted to rest for a few minutes and slid under a bungee cord between large bags and just closed his eyes which scared his crewmate. With this example the astronauts emphasized need for maintaining open contact between crewmates and building bonds during their trips to International Space Station or during the space shuttle journey. Retired astronaut Coleman also recounted her experience with an international crew at space station.

While discussing about their experiences during training and also at the space station these experienced men and women emphasized the importance of astronauts to gain cosmic perspective. They said that today it may be easy to visualize about space with videos about space travel but they cannot truly describe the overwhelming feeling whenever they saw Earth from space. They said that this overview effect should be turned into an art and in future they would insist on sending artist to the space station to capture its true vision and spirit. In fact astronaut Nicole Scott of making a painting on her own of this vision to reach audiences back on earth who are not even aware that an entity like Space Station exists.