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Leisure Time Computer Use Increased Up To 38% In US, Study Reveals

People have been found mostly sitting not because of watching TV and videos. These 2 have been the major causes in the initiative against sitting in last 15 years in USA. Now the scenario is bit different. People are found spending more time in front of their desktops.

Computer use for entertainment has increased in the range of 4.8% to 38% amongst the different age groups. This data has been collected between 2001 and 2016. Yin Cao, who is the senior author of this study, provided this information. She is also the assistant professor of surgery at the Washington University of School of Medicine in St. Louis.

In 2016 almost 43% Americans used computers for at least 2 hours in a day and 25% used a computer for more than 3 years in a day. The ultimate result is teenagers spend 8.2 hours in front of their desktop in a day while adults spend 6.4 hours of their day using computers. Both these groups witnessed an increase in 1 hour of computer usage over the past decade, which ended in 2016. The report was published in JAMA on Tuesday. Cao is confident that her study will help Americans understand their sedentary habits, which in turn will help them shift to a healthy lifestyle. She also informed that now for years researchers are trying to understand the link between long hours of sitting/ TV watching and health issues like obesity, cancer, heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes and ultimately the overall mortality rate.

In last year, US Department of Health & Human Services declared in its physical activity guidance that Americans can benefit both from moderate to vigorous activities and by reducing their sitting time.

Cao and her team members used the data available at the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey for the study.